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Bride breaks down at altar when she hears late grandpa's voice

When Brittany's grandpa passed away last year, her dream of having him officiate her wedding was lost. But her family had an idea...
/ Source: TODAY

Brittany Yost grew up dreaming of her wedding and she wanted nothing more than for her grandfather, Reverend Ronald Adkins (aka PawPaw) to officiate her vows. When he passed away last spring, her hopes were shattered.

But Brittany's family wouldn't let Pawpaw miss her special day. They made the impossible possible with a special piece of audio.

As the ceremony in Crab Orchard, West Virginia neared its close, the pastor asked Brittany, 23, and her husband Jordon, 30, to bow their heads in prayer. Then, a very special voice came through the speaker system... PawPaw!

Brittany reserved a seat for her PawPaw at the wedding ceremony by placing his photograph on a chair.Sarah Irvin Photography

“It took me by complete surprise,” Brittany told TODAY. “It was amazing. It was a moment I’ll cherish forever.”

Where did the audio come from? Two years ago, Brittany's sister Summer had PawPaw officiate her wedding. Jordon and Summer took the audio from Summer's wedding and brought it to Brittany’s big day.

"I was instantly overcome with emotion" Brittany says of the moment she heard her late grandfather's voice.Sarah Irvin Photography

Even before the magical moment, Brittany knew her grandfather was there, in spirit. “Right before we walked down the aisle my dad looked at me and said, your grandpa would be so proud of you,” said Brittany. “It filled my heart with joy.”

Minutes later, she got to hear her grandfather's voice express that same love. "Even though this wasn’t how I originally wanted it…it was a blessing."

Brittany breaks down in her husband's arms as she hears PawPaw's voice.Sarah Irvin Photography

For Brittany, hearing that special voice offered a whirlwind of emotions but mostly just overwhelming joy, and not just for her.

A special day made all the more wonderful by an amazing surprise.Sarah Irvin Photography

"It was so special for my whole family,” says Brittany. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”