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Boy who is deaf rejoices after hearing recorder for the first time

Here's a video that will remind you of a few things you might take for granted — and give you a good laugh in the process.
/ Source: TODAY

Here's a video that will remind you of a few things you might take for granted — and give you a good laugh in the process.

Ezra Somnitz was born profoundly deaf, which means he can’t hear anything within the speech realm.

But the 2-year-old can pick up higher frequency sounds, such as ambulance sirens and the notes of a recorder, the flute-like woodwind we were all taught in elementary school.

Fortunately, the first time Ezra heard the instrument's shrill sounds he was on camera, and the touching video has been circulating around the Internet.

"My oldest son, Ephraim, is 11, and he takes recorder at school," his mother, Melanie Redington Somnitz, told "He was playing it at home and Ezra seemed to think he was screaming into it, because he couldn't understand the recorder itself could make the noise."

"It was just the funniest thing ever," she said. "He took the recorder from his brother and just tried to make the noise himself but couldn't for the life of him understand that he had to blow into it in order for sound to come out."

In the clip, Ezra seems tickled that the instrument made a noise, and what's more, that he was responsible for it.

"His reaction was a mixture of joy at hearing the high frequency again, and wonder at the fact that the device worked like magic on its own, sort of," Redington Somnitz said.

Ezra's mom also explained that her son's deafness is genetic. Her husband and in-laws are also deaf.

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Ezra wears hearing aids at school and sometimes at home, but he primarily communicates using sign language.

"We're proud that he's deaf," Redington Somnitz . "We're proud that he signs. This video and the fact that he heard something? That's exciting and a little funny, too, but we're not feeling thrilled simply because he can hear. He's special without hearing, too.

"Some people will see the video and think, 'Oh my goodness; that family must be thrilled that he can hear!' Sure, we're thrilled, but we don’t go to bed at night thinking that he's a poor little deaf baby," she continued.

"He's a great deaf kid, and even if he couldn't hear anything at all, his life would be wonderful."

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And as for whether music's in his future? Well, only time will tell, but little Ezra's already got a head start.

"We go to church on Sundays and the main worship is very loud," she said. "We sit up front. He'll sing and dance and move his head the whole time."