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Boy buys officer breakfast for 'the thankless job he does,' brings him to tears

Deputy Donnie Jackson stopped by a local Dunkin' Donuts on his way to work, not expecting to be moved to tears while checking out.
/ Source: TODAY

Deputy Donnie Jackson stopped by Dunkin' Donuts in Weston, Florida, on his way to work, not expecting to be moved to tears while checking out.

Before taking out his wallet to pay for an iced coffee and sesame seed bagel, he heard a boy say, "Dad, I'm going to pay for his breakfast."

When the Broward County deputy graciously denied the offer, the boy's parents insisted saying, "When you walked into the door, he insisted on buying your breakfast because he appreciates the thankless job you do!"

Jackson was caught off guard and agreed to allow the boy to buy his breakfast — but only on the condition that they could have their picture taken together.

Later that day, Jackson went home and uploaded the photo to Facebook. From there it went viral.

"I walked into this restaurant to get breakfast before heading to work my detail. As I enter, all eyes are fixed on me. I could only imagine what was going through the minds of the people inside the restaurant with all the negativity surrounding law enforcement officials," Jackson wrote.

Jackson was "shocked and flattered" by the boy's sweet gesture.

"It's a good thing I had on my Oakleys [Oakley sunglasses], because I really teared up," Jackson went on to say. "In closing, I really appreciated this kind act by this kid and the fine qualities being instilled in him by his parents!"

The deputy is currently searching for the boy and his dad. He left a copy of the picture at the Dunkin' Donuts with a note.