Boy to 911: 'Someone's trying to break into my house'

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911 recording captures boy’s bravery during break-in

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911 recording captures boy’s bravery during break-in

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A 12-year-old Texas boy hiding in his mother’s bedroom showed incredible composure while on the phone with a 911 dispatcher after burglars broke into his house.

Deion Murdock was home alone when he heard the thieves break a window.

"Someone's trying to break into my house," the frightened boy told a dispatcher with the Port Arthur Police Department, according to a recording of the call.

The operator instructed Deion to lock himself in the closet while she dispatched officers to his home.

“I'm going to have to whisper now 'cause I think they're coming in,” the boy said.

“You have any weapons inside the closet?” the dispatcher asked.

“No ma'am. Please hurry,” the boy replied.

“They are. They are. They’re turning down your street,” she said.

But as police drew closer, so did the intruders.

“They're in here,” the boy whispered. That prompted the dispatcher to relay the information to officers: "They’re inside the room now. They're inside the bedroom where he's at."

Nearly a minute of silence followed until the dispatcher checked on the boy.

“You there? Deion?”

The boy responded just enough to let her know he was still on the phone.

“OK, just stay there. I think they're going to catch the guy, okay?” she said.

“It sounds like there are multiple people,” he told her.

“OK, be quiet,” she said.

“So is the police officer outside the house?” the boy asked.

“Yeah, but stay inside the closet 'cause they're trying to find the bad guys, OK?” the dispatcher said. “You're doing good, doing real good, doing perfect. Your mom's going to be so proud of you."

“This is actually the only thing I could think of,” the boy said.

“Well, you thought well. You thought well. You're a very, very smart young man. You did a good thing,” she told him.

The burglars fled as soon as police arrived, but were caught shortly later and arrested.

The boy’s mother, who was at the Port Arthur Housing Authority at the time, later reported she was indeed proud of her son.