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Boston man celebrates first snow day of the year with 'Rocky' freestyle

The only thing better than an unexpected snow day off is ... one that happens on a Friday!
/ Source: TODAY

If there's anything better than an unexpected snow day off, it's one that happens on a Friday.

Tory Bullock, who, according to LinkedIn, teaches improv to kids in Boston, discovered on Thursday night that a winter snowstorm was going to give him exactly that: the first snow day off work for the new year.

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To celebrate, the writer, director and actor posted a gleeful freestyle video on Facebook using the iconic theme to "Rocky" to express his delight!

"I arrived at my home/I felt a vibration/It was coming from my phone," he raps, as the theme music swells.

"So I picked it up to see what it would say/It said Tor-ay/You got a snow day," he sings, leaping and shadowboxing.

"As an educator, the first snow day of the school year is an unofficial holiday for me," Bullock told via email. "I love snow days and I love 'Rocky' [and] I was looking for a piece of music that could reflect the excitement of a man who thought he wasn't going to get a snow day this winter but finally does."

And on Sunday he got another day off, which precipitated another video!

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And while we're sure there will be some shoveling to do later, it's hard not to smile at his glee.

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