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Boston Dynamics' terrifying robot 'reindeer' offer disturbing Christmas greeting

A new video by robotics company Boston Dynamics has Mrs. Claus offering season's greetings while being pulled along by a group of creepy robot reindeer.
/ Source: TODAY

Boston Dynamics is here to wish you season's greetings and leave you with visions of terrifying robot reindeer dancing in your head.

In an unsettling glimpse of the future, the company has posted a holiday video showing a trio of its Spot robots pulling Mrs. Claus on a sleigh, marking 2015 as the year even reindeer lost their jobs to robots. The headless reindeer, which are four-legged robots decked out to look like Rudolph's Skynet cousins, hop along like a small invading army coming to trample presents, Christmas trees, and everything else in their path.

The Spot robots are a variation of Boston Dynamics' "BigDog" robots, which were funded by the military's DARPA research arm to assist troops in carrying heavy gear. The BigDog robots can carry more than 300 pounds over all types of terrain, and the Spot robots share many of the same capabilities, so pulling Mrs. Claus in a sleigh is no sweat. The good news is that Mrs. Claus appears to be an actual human.

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Boston Dynamics is part of Google X, and it has had some fun with videos in the past like the one of PETMAN, which can do push-ups and strut like John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever."

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