Bono, Will Ferrell and other celebrities ask in Ebola PSA: What are we waiting for?

Ebola PSA from ONE campaign
Ebola via YouTube

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By Danielle Brennan

We waited too long to react to Ebola. That's the message that the ONE campaign is saying in their new PSA. 

The video features an international array of celebrities, music stars and athletes including: Angélique Kidjo, ONE co-founder Bono, Akon, Ben Affleck, Connie Britton, Matt Damon, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman and Liberian healthcare workers. 

Using no words, background noise is the only thing you can hear, the video calls attention to how the world didn't act fast enough to help the Ebola epidemic, how we can't wait for another future crisis — and that we need to take action against Ebola now.

The first step, the video says, is to sign the ONE campaign petition, which is asking for world leaders to join together to end the outbreak now and build health systems that can prevent crises like this from happening ever again.

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