Body of Colorado man who searched for wife during flood found 

Gerry Boland and his wife, Cheron, became separated when they were evacuated from their Colorado home.

The search for a missing 80-year-old Colorado man, whose family believes he got lost while looking for his wife after they evacuated their flooded neighborhood, has come to a tragic end.

The body of Gerry Boland, 80, was identified Thursday by authorities in Boulder County, where he spent 30 years as a math teacher and basketball coach.

Boland and his wife of 54 years, Cheron, got separated after they left their home following an order to evacuate that was issued in the middle of the night.

The couple took two cars and got separated on their way to the shelter, the school where Gerry had taught. His family believes he made it to the school, but turned around at some point during the night.

“I guess he wanted to see if I went home,” Cheron Boland told NBC earlier this week. 

She then went looking for her husband, but had to be rescued from her vehicle after it stalled in the rushing water that swallowed up most of the roads home.

Gerry Boland's abandoned truck was later found in the river by his home.