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Bilson moves from 'The O.C.' to 'Hart of Dixie'

Rachel Bilson has a secret weapon while working on her new TV show "Hart of Dixie."
/ Source: The Associated Press

Rachel Bilson has a secret weapon while working on her new TV show "Hart of Dixie."

It's producer Josh Schwartz.

Schwartz, who produces "Dixie," was also the creator and producer of the teenage soap opera "The O.C." which made Bilson famous. And she has guest-starred on Schwartz's NBC comedy "Chuck" and he cast her in a different pilot for that network in 2010 which didn't get picked up.

Bilson says she's so close to Schwartz he's like family. He's even married to her best friend. (She introduced the couple.)

"We do work really well together and he's so talented and I trust him more than anything. Before I take a new project I usually call Josh and I'll be like, 'What do you think?'" she said. "It's really nice to feel that comfortable jumping into something new having him by my side."

Bilson is also more comfortable on "Dixie" because she's got more experience under her belt.

"'The O.C.' I started when I was 21 (years-old). Now being 30 years old and working on a show it's just know the drill and it's kind of nice to step into a role and a job that you're very familiar with."

On "Hart of Dixie", Bilson plays a driven New York City doctor named Zoe Hart who ends up moving to Alabama to work at a small town practice. It also stars Jaime King and Scott Porter of "Friday Night Lights."

As Hart, Bilson delivers quick one-liners that are reminiscent of a trait that made her popular on "The O.C."

She counts "I Love Lucy" as an all-time favorite show.

"If I can make people laugh it's my favorite thing. It's all I want to do," she said.

Bilson would like to push herself by taking on a period piece or a musical. As for musical talent, Bilson says: "I'm a little shy but I'm not tone deaf."

She's also known for her fashion sense. Bilson pens a fashion advice column for "In Style" magazine and frequently makes best dressed lists. "It's always kind of funny when people are like, 'Oh, people love your style.' It's just something that's natural for me. The fact that people like it is awesome."

She's designed clothing and home ware for DKNY Jeans and Macy's and just co-launched a shoe e-commerce site called

"Hart of Dixie" airs Mondays on the CW at 9 EDT.


CW is a joint venture between Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros. unit and CBS Corp.


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