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Bikers help grieving widow find late husband's missing wedding ring

"I had a mental meltdown," Rhonda Thill said. "I was just amazed that they were able to find it out there."
/ Source: TODAY

Rhonda Thill thought the wedding ring she gave her husband the day they said “I do,” 18 years ago, was gone forever.

Thanks to the help of friends from her town of St. Paul, Minnesota, she was able to reunite with the beloved possession.

Rhonda Thill and biker friends
Courtesy of Rhonda Thill

On June 25, Randy Thill was killed in a motorcycle accident at 47 years old. A few days later, the funeral home gave Rhonda her husband’s personal belongings, and the ring wasn’t included.

“When I didn’t get it back I suspected it had to have fallen off his hand at the site of the accident,” Rhonda told

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That’s when the couple’s good friend Tim went searching for the ring. He went back to the funeral home first to see if it got misplaced. When he had no luck there, he went to the morgue, contacted the investigator on site that day, and eventually got a group together to visit to the scene of the accident.

Bikers helped Rhonda Thill find her late husband's wedding ring
Courtesy of Rhonda Thill

Sure enough, they found the ring wedged into dirt in the grass.

A group of 18, mostly motorcycle guys, came to her house later that day and presented Rhonda with Randy’s reading glasses and flashlight that they found, which made Rhonda tear up thinking about how Randy always carried a flashlight on him.

After a long pause, Tim said, “Oh yeah, we found this too,” and placed the ring in her hand. She hasn’t taken it off her finger since.

Friends of Rhonda Thill helped find her late husband's missing wedding ring
Courtesy of Rhonda Thill

“I had a mental meltdown,” Rhonda said. “I was just amazed that they were able to find it out there.”

Rhonda says her husband, who was a quiet guy, wouldn’t have believed all of the attention and support she’s received.

“I look down and it makes me feel like a little part of him is here with me,” Rhonda said. “At times, I find myself rubbing the side of it and it’s brought me a lot of comfort.”