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Big ‘n’ tall? Tips for dressing sleek and stylish

Check out these fashionable clothes for your above-average man. Style expert Lloyd Boston shares some advice for the larger-framed gents.
/ Source: Weekend Today

If you're a guy of above-average size, you know how hard it is to find stylish clothes that fit properly. But it's not impossible! Style expert Lloyd Boston presents some great looks for the big and tall man.

The first, and most important, tip is to actually take the time and effort to find things that fit instead of buying the size you want to be. Clothing that is too big — whether it's formal or casual — can work against creating a finished, flattering look and instead look droopy and unkempt.

Khaki & navy
Combining tan and navy is a spring trend that will never go out of style. But be sure that if your man has a bit of a paunch around the middle, he avoids wearing pleated pants, and instead chooses a flat-front trouser. Try mixing up the expected shapes and colors this season by giving them an urban twist with a khaki safari jacket (Kenneth Cole, $225) paired with a fun and funky orange shirt to add some color! Flat front navy chinos from Brooks Brothers ($69.50) are a must-have! Finish the whole look with a pair of soft and comfortable Clarks dock shoes.

Suit up in style
One rule of thumb as it relates to suits is to have it professionally fitted — it's a must! An ill-fitting suit can make a large man look unkempt and just plain sloppy. When a suit is fitted properly, vertical pinstripes can beautifully punctuate tall/muscular men, and colorful touches, like a lavender shirt and striped tie, can soften the look a bit. Try the charcoal pinstripe suit from ($359). Note that a single-breasted suit works for this type of frame. Double-breasted suits simply add visual weight on a man's front, which is exactly what we want to avoid.

Getting fit!
Ask any woman — professional sports jerseys take the style out of athletic chic! A twist on sweats is a great way to look sporty and slick. For tall and thin men shirt sleeves are often simply too short. Layered looks can help to fool the eye and make the sleeves look longer — a great trick when tailored clothing is not important.

Start with a basic white long-sleeve cotton shirt, and layer with a cool graphic t-shirt (, $52). Pair everything with black sweatpants with white and grey stripes (Marshall's, $16.99) and add red sneakers for a fun pop of color. With a messenger bag he'll be ready for the gym, basketball court or running around town.

Out on the town
Try this out-on-the-town look for a tall guy with an average build. Start off with a pair of dark midnight blue rinsed jeans (Kenneth Cole, $198) which is — all the women know — very slimming! Pair them with a soft baby blue v-neck sweater (, $42.50) but don't tuck it in! By leaving it un-tucked, you avoid being visually cut in half. Pair this with a grey denim single-breasted blazer (, $78). This is a very flattering shape for tall men overall.

Casual color
Men who are big and tall should not shy away from color! But if you're a little nervous about jumping into brights right away, start with a muted “first step” look. Softer than expected for a man of this stature, tonal color combinations are an easy way to start. Chocolate brown pants combined with a green silk blazer (, $34.99 and $111.99) pair beautifully with a cream button down shirt. Remember that men who are big and tall should opt for car jacket styles when going for a casual look — they hang nicely, creating a look that is forgiving.