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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Danielle Brennan

When you're faced with a difficult or challenging task, words of encouragement can really help. And no one does a better job at motivating than Elijah.

In this YouTube video (originally posted in January, but making the rounds online this week), the little boy is seen being the best big brother to his little sister as she learns to walk on her own.

Sitting on a mini pink 4-wheeler, he guides his sister to put her hands on the front of the toy and slowly moves it in reverse as she takes steps towards him.

The support doesn't stop there. As his sister continues, he excitedly cheers her on, yelling "Good job, sister!"

The adorable pep talk continues with each step: "Great job, sister!" and "You're doing great!"

As the older and wiser sibling, Elijah then gives his younger sister the best advice (right before she falls down):

"There's nothing to worry about!"