Biden: Obama and I don't exchange Christmas gifts

Steve Pope / Today
There will be no exchange of Christmas gifts between Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama this season, as they keep it strictly to birthday presents for one another.

Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama won't be spending any time looking under the tree for Christmas presents from one other this year. 

"We exchange birthday gifts - we don't exchange Christmas gifts,'' Biden told TMZ. "He gave me a great birthday gift." 

Their unofficial White House policy of not exchanging Christmas gifts with one another means one less gift-giving challenge. Just shopping for a birthday president for one of the most powerful men in the world can be tricky. 

"It's hard, but since we both love golf, we usually give each other something having to do with golf,'' Biden said. "I gave him a real unique golf bag last time, and he gave me this real cool deal to practice putting. It's a little gadget. It's really great." 

That makes two people close to Obama who don't get him a Christmas present, as he and first lady Michelle Obama also don't exchange gifts because the family takes an annual trip to Hawaii for the holidays that is considered their gift to one another.