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The best (clothes) for your chest

Women face body issues every day — and whether big or small, a women’s bust is always a challenge. Lucky magazine wants to help. They offer some simple wardrobe tips to accentuate your figure no matter what your size is.
/ Source: TODAY

Whether you're too big, too small or just right ... your bustline could get the better of your wardrobe, which is why Lucky magazine wants to show you how to make the most of what ya got. Here are some simple wardrobe tips:

For women with a larger bust, finding clothes that fit and flatter can sometimes seem impossible. Thankfully, a few simple tips can help streamline your look and give you the appearance of a well-proportioned figure:

  • Most importantly, find the right bra. Though it can seem like an impossible task, the right undergarment can make all the difference in the way a woman with a large chest looks in clothes. Whatever your style — underwire or not — support is key. Boobs that aren’t well supported can make you look ten pounds heavier. A supportive bra — one that lifts and minimizes — accentuates your waist, making you look instantly slimmer.
  • Try to wear something fitted enough to accentuate your figure, while avoiding clothes that are too tight. You never want to be inappropriately exposed.
  • Look for styles that are tailored with darts or a defined waist — something too voluminous can take away all shape — a deep or rounded neckline and darker colors.

But a smaller bust isn’t easy either. Women with smaller busts sometimes feel like no matter what they wear, they don’t look feminine. And then there is the endless dilemma of the shirt or dress with too much fabric in the chest. Here are some helpful tips for flatter chests:

  • A padded bra seems like an easy solution, but the wrong padded bra can leave you looking over-stacked and out of proportion.

To give the illusion of a larger bust, look for tops with ruffles, wrap fronts or pleating. And avoid anything too tight at all costs! Similar to a larger bust, an ill-fitting, overly snug top will only accentuate your bustline — or lack thereof!

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