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Best bets: Trick or treat! Scary movies and TV abound

Horror, horror everywhere. "Saw VII" hits theaters in 3-D; Freddy Krueger guest-stars on "Chuck," and "The Walking Dead" brings a zombie invasion to America.
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Horror fans have been waiting for this one since it was announced in the summer: "The Walking Dead" could be the next new "True Blood" or "Mad Men." Naturally, it premieres on Halloween. The series is based on the graphic novels about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and the small band of survivors trying to find a safe home. (Premieres Oct. 31, 10 p.m., AMC.)

Horror comes to "Chuck" this week too, with Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund playing an evil scientist who makes harried Chuck's already-hectic life a nightmare indeed. But will he leave the bladed glove at home? (Oct. 25, 8 p.m., NBC.)

"Glee" has its own cult following, so it's only fitting that the show would tackle an episode crossing over with another cult hit, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." This week, New Directions will perform tunes from the hit audience-participation musical, with Kurt as Riff Raff, Rachel as Janet, and Mercedes as Frank-N-Furter. TV Guide reports that the outfits alone cost more than $30,000. Dammit, Janet! (Oct. 26, 8 p.m., Fox.)

Halloween's on its way, and scares aplenty are coming in both movies and TV. Already in theaters are and "Paranormal Activity 2." Coming this week are "Saw VII" in 3-D and "Monsters."

"Saw VII 3-D" is billed as the final chapter in the torture-trap series — an eighth film was planned, but declining profits made the filmmakers decide to combine seven and eight into one film. Body parts should fly, so if that's your thing, gross-outs await. (Opens Oct. 29.)

"Monsters" has a title that sounds like a straightforward horror flick, but it's actually an inexpensively made British science-fiction film with an intriguing plot. Alien creatures have spread across North America and U.S. and Mexican authorities are battling to contain them. The film was shot in Central America, mostly on real locations, not sets, and with real-life people, not actors, as extras. Some early reviews are raves. (Opens Oct. 29.)

Yes, still more horror: "Alien" and "Aliens" are sci-fi films at heart, but they're also among the scariest films ever made. The "Alien Anthology" box set is sure to be a holiday gift for creature lovers, and it also includes the lesser-loved third and fourth films in the series. Deleted scenes, extras, interviews and more are included, of course. (Out on DVD Oct. 26.)

"Winter's Bone" is a dark story, but the critics loved it. Jennifer Lawrence plays a teenage girl with a mentally ill mother and younger siblings who need her. When her meth-addict father skips bail after putting up their rundown house as collateral, she must go out and try and save her home on her own. Roger Ebert gave the film four stars, saying the most affecting movie heroes aren't superpowered, but simply "ordinary people who are faced with a need and rise to the occasion."  (Out on DVD Oct. 26.)