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Best bets: 'Transformers' go to the 'Moon'

The Autobots and the Decepticons are back, and they're more than meets the eye — in outer space this time. Also this week: Tom Hanks falls for Julia Roberts in "Larry Crowne"; "Celebrity Rehab" tries to help Michael Lohan and Amy Fisher.
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What's with Hollywood's love affair with reimagining the space program? "Apollo 18" has been moved back to late summer, but its plot involves a secret moon mission that was covered up after life-forms on the moon attack the astronauts. "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," opening this week, involves an Autobot spaceship that is wrecked on the moon and thus forces the U.S. to send astronauts there to check it out. Sure, it's not about to win any awards from NASA, but the Michael Bay film will involve explosions, cool special effects and really awesome footage of guys jumping off Chicago skyscrapers. And it's in 3-D. Ladies and gentlemen, start your summer popcorn movies! (Opens June 29.)

"Larry Crowne" is played by Tom Hanks, so you know he's going to be a likable guy. When Larry loses his job because he doesn't have a college degree, he enrolls in community college and falls in love with his speech professor. Which you might too, if your speech professor were Julia Roberts. Hanks also directed and co-wrote the film. (Opens July 1.)

"Barney's Version"
earned raves from critics, but it didn't play a lot of theaters. Now you can check it out on DVD. The film stars adorably schlubby Paul Giamatti as a man who actually walks out of his second wedding reception to chase the woman who's the love of his life. Entertainment Weekly's Owen Gleiberman raves, "[Giamatti] gives a holy hell of a performance as Barney Panofsky." (Out on DVD June 28.)

Giamatti is a gem in 'Barney's Version'

"Bloodworth" was just in theaters a month or so ago, and it's already on DVD. Kris Kristofferson plays a wannabe writer who bailed out on his wife and son 40 years ago, and their reunion isn't exactly Hallmark card-worthy. But the acting of Kristofferson and co-stars Hilary Duff, Frances Conroy, Dwight Yoakam, Val Kilmer and Barry Corbin has been highly praised, with the Orlando Sentinel saying the actors "create indelible characters in just a few scenes each." (Out on DVD June 28.)

Will viewers really want to sit down every week and listen to Michael Lohan talk about himself? "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" returns for its fifth season this week, and among the addicted cast members is Lindsay's father. Other names you may know include Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher, former pitcher Dwight Gooden and actress Sean Young. Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler, who was on season two, is also returning for more help. (Premieres June 29, 10 p.m., VH1.)

There's a fascinating-sounding film airing on PBS' "P.O.V." series this week. "My Perestroika" looks at five adults who grew up behind the Iron Curtain and were just coming of age when the U.S.S.R. collapsed. The Huffington Post called it one of the year's best documentaries, and The New York Times wrote that the film "gives you a privileged sense of learning the history of a place not from a book but from the people who lived it."

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper is's movies editor.