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Best bets: 'Dancing' crowns a winner

Can Bristol Palin pull it off? Also this week: "The King's Speech" and "Love and Other Drugs" hit theaters; the entire collection of Michael Jackson's videos come to DVD.
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ABC had to know that casting teenage mom Bristol Palin on "Dancing With the Stars" would be controversial. Sure, many of the "Stars" push the meaning of that word, but only Palin had no real claim to fame based on her own merit — she was known for getting pregnant and for being Sarah Palin's daughter. But did the network have any idea when it cast Palin that she would find herself in the final three? Some believe Palin's pulling in votes solely because of her mother's political supporters, others argue that they like to see a true amateur learning a new skill. Regardless of whether she wins or loses, she'll be the talk of this week's finale. (Final performance show Nov. 22, 8 p.m., ABC; winner announced Nov. 23, 9 p.m., ABC)

Once "Dancing With the Stars" ends, what's next? Why, "Skating With the Stars," which takes the ballroom show and ups the difficulty and danger by putting the celebrities on ice. Vince Neil, Bethenny Frankel and Sean Young are among the brave B-listers who'll don blades. (Nov. 22, 9 p.m., ABC)

Jelly Bellys brought the simple jelly bean into the gourmet world. A new documentary, "Candyman: The David Klein Story," tells the true story of the eccentric man who invented the tasty little treats. "I regret the day I came up with them, I really do, " Klein says in the trailer. "Because it's ruined my life." Fascinating fodder to chew on next time you're picking through a heap of Jelly Bellys in search of a Juicy Pear or Buttered Popcorn bean. (Nov. 27, Documentary Channel, 8 p.m.)

Sometimes we don't know which movies will compete for the Oscar until the awards are close. This year, all the critics agree: "The King's Speech" will be among the top contenders. The already acclaimed film stars Colin Firth as King George VI (the late Queen Mum's husband, and Prince Charles' grandpa) and Geoffrey Rush as the Australian speech therapist who helped him overcome his stammer and thus display the confident persona Britain needed to help it through World War II. (Opens Nov. 26.)

Need to let the kids soak up a good old-fashioned Disney flick this holiday week, and yet you're sick of re-watching "Cinderella"? New this week is "Tangled," a 3-D animated musical based on the story of Rapunzel. (Opens Nov. 24.)

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are a couple in "Love and Other Drugs," which takes its title from Gyllenhaal's character's job — he sells, uh, male-enhancement meds. So far it's earned decent reviews. HitFix says "simply put, this is the role Anne Hathaway will be remembered for so far." (Opens Nov. 24.)

There's no getting around it — "Eat Pray Love" is a chick movie. Julia Roberts stars as an unhappy New Yorker who finds peace and a new man in her travels to Italy, India and Indonesia, and if there were men in the theater not accompanying a woman, they were few and far between. It's not for everyone, but the scenery and charms of the various destinations are grand, and Time Out New York raves, "all the performances are knockouts." (On DVD Nov. 23.)

Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" was a huge bestseller in 1989, and earned even more attention with this 2010 miniseries, now on DVD. The story is about the building of a cathedral in 12th-century England, which may sound dry, but Follett has filled his 1,000-page book with juicy romances, rivalries, battles and more, most of which translates well to the screen. (On DVD Nov. 23.)

Michael Jackson's been dead for nearly a year and a half, yet his life and legacy continue to make headlines. Now his entire output of 40 music videos is coming out on DVD. "Michael Jackson's Vision" includes "Thriller," "Black and White," and a previously unreleased video of 2003's "One More Chance. (Out on DVD Nov. 22.)

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper is's movies editor.