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Bernie Sanders looks to New Hampshire after Iowa loss: We have 'momentum'

Bernie Sanders discusses his campaign's momentum heading into the New Hampshire primary after a narrow loss in Iowa.
/ Source: TODAY

Bernie Sanders said his campaign feels "fantastic" after losing by fractions of a percentage point to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Iowa caucuses, and that he's looking forward to the New Hampshire Democratic primary next week.

"To tell you the truth, the Iowa caucus is so complicated, it’s not 100 percent sure that we didn’t win it," Sanders told Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie on TODAY Wednesday. "But we feel fantastic. We came a long, long way in Iowa, and now we’re in New Hampshire, and we have a lot of momentum."

The vote between Clinton and Sanders was so close that the winner from Monday night's voting was not declared by the Iowa Democratic Party until Tuesday afternoon. Clinton defeated Sanders by only 0.3 percentage points, 49.9-49.6, which Sanders called a "virtual tie."

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Sanders said his campaign is currently mulling over whether to contest the results given the razor-thin margin.

“We’re looking at it right now, but the important point is that at the end of the day we came from nowhere to really startle the entire world,'' he said. "We took on the most powerful political organization in the United States of America and nearly won that race.”

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At a rally on Tuesday, the Vermont senator exhorted his followers to come out in force and vote in the primary on Feb. 9 in New Hampshire, a state that Clinton called Sanders' "backyard." Sanders enters the primary with a double-digit lead over Clinton in the polls in a state that Clinton won in the 2008 primary.

After raising $20 million in January, he has raised $3 million in the last three days from his supporters, according to his campaign.

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