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Olympian Brad Wilson is ultimate hype man after girlfriend Jaelin Kauf’s silver-medal win

Sure, the whole country cheered her on, but that’s nothing compared to her boyfriend’s reaction.

Jaelin Kauf took the silver following her impressive performance in the freestyle skiing women’s moguls competition in Beijing Sunday. But the celebration started long before the medal ceremony — at least for her biggest fan.

Jaelin Kauf
Silver medalist Jaelin Kauf, of Team USA, celebrates with her medal during the women's moguls medal ceremony on Feb. 7, 2022, in China. Patrick Smith / Getty Images

Just as the 25-year-old from Wyoming finished her difficult descent, weaving and jumping down the steep course, her boyfriend, fellow Olympic freestyle skier Brad Wilson, started a one-man party from the sidelines.

As the above-clip illustrates, Wilson, 29, is more than just a partner and teammate. He’s the ultimate jumping, shouting, clapping hype man. And his expression of enthusiasm for Kauf didn’t end there.

Over on his own Instagram, Wilson shared a photo of the whole team alongside a caption that began with boasts about his girlfriend.

“(Jaelin) is an Olympic medalist!” he wrote. “So proud of her. She is an absolute beast. After everything she went through, she went out and skied like herself. ❤️”

It seems Wilson, whose own dream of an Olympic medal proved to be out of reach after he finished in 25th place in the second qualifying round for the men’s moguls, just couldn’t contain his joy — and that became a source of joy for Kauf, too.

TODAY had the chance to show Kauf the video of his sweet reaction to her run Monday.

“Oh, my God!” Kauf said as she placed a hand over her heart. “I love that video so much.”

It’s support like that that helped her on the moguls, both from Wilson and from a family member back home.

Jaelin Kauf
Jaelin Kauf wins the silver medal during the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Christophe Pallot / Agence Zoom via Getty Images

While Kauf’s mother couldn’t be on the sidelines watching it all unfold like Wilson, she was able to send along tokens that the athlete kept close to her heart on the course: two necklaces packed with sentiment. One features a pearl surrounded by five diamonds that represent the Olympic rings.

"A pearl — made from grit, turned into something remarkable," Kauf said of its fitting meaning.