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Bear breaks into house, then escapes 'like the Kool-Aid Man': police

A bear broke into a Colorado home and then escaped by busting through a wall, police said.
Bear created hole like 'Kool-Aid Man'
The Kool-Aid Man is known for busting through walls in a series of popular ads.Kool-Aid/Facebook
/ Source: TODAY

“Oh, yeah?” Oh, no!

Police in Estes Park, Colorado, say a bear broke into a home and then dashed out through a wall “like the Kool-Aid Man” last Friday.

“Last night a bear entered a residence near the area of Fall River Road," the police department wrote in a Facebook post about the incident, alongside some photos of the scene. "The bear seemed to have been attracted to the scent of refuse. Upon officer's arrival, said bear forcibly breached a hole in the wall like the 'Kool-Aid Man' and made it's escape."

No one was injured in connection with the break-in, the Denver Post reported.

The police department also used the incident to pass along information from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

“For your safety, and the lives of these bears, PLEASE close and lock ALL windows and doors to your house and vehicles. Make it a routine to check everything is closed up before you go to bed or leave the house to do errands,” the agency said.

Bears have recently frequented the area.

“Within the last 10 days, over 35 vehicles and over 9 (homes) were entered by bears in the Estes Park area. Most of these incidents involved unlocked car doors, open house windows and/or screen doors, as well as a few forced entries,” CPW wrote on Facebook earlier this month.

“Please do you part to keep bears wild,” it added. “Bears are extremely smart, which means we all have to be too. Sometimes it’s literally as easy as a push of a button or flick of a lock.”