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BC-Top Stories Ballot

/ Source: The Associated Press


We're in the last hours of the annual Associated Press poll to determine the top stories of the year.

We prefer that you vote online at . You will need to create a new account for 2011, regardless of whether you had an account in 2010. Or, you can use the form below to vote by fax, sending it to David Crary at 212-506-6210.

This poll is for AP members only, and the link is NOT TO BE REDISTRIBUTED ONLINE OR IN PRINT. Each organization should vote only once.

Voting ends at 5 p.m. Eastern time today; results will be transmitted Saturday.

Thank you for your participation.

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Select 10 stories from the list below, and number them from 1 to 10 in order of preference. If you would like to add stories that are not on our list, do so at the bottom.

_____Japan hit by devastating earthquake and tsunami; nuclear plant crippled.

_____European Union fiscal crisis: riots and strikes in Greece, fears debt problems will spread.

_____Hurricane Irene rakes eastern US, kills more than 40, causes billions in damage.

_____Penn State sex abuse scandal: ex-assistant football coach charged; Joe Paterno fired.

_____Osama bin Laden killed in Pakistan by U.S. Navy SEALS.

_____Arab Spring: uprisings spread through region, topple three longtime leaders.

_____Series of tornado outbreaks across Midwest and Southeastern U.S.

_____Libya: Moammar Gadhafi killed after eight-month rebellion backed by NATO.

_____GOP presidential campaign: several contenders rise and fall while Romney stays on track.

_____Showdowns in Congress over debt ceiling and deficit reduction; U.S. bond rating lowered.

_____Egypt: Hosni Mubarak ousted as president after massive protests against his regime.

_____Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs dies.

_____Michael Jackson's doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter in pop star's death.

_____Wildfires across Texas destroy more than 2,900 homes; Arizona and New Mexico also hit.

_____Syria: about 4,000 killed as Assad regime tries to crush opposition uprising.

_____Flooding in Thailand kills more than 560 people.

_____British phone hacking scandal: News of the World closes, numerous journalists arrested.

_____Rep. Gabrielle Giffords suffers severe brain injury in gunman's attack that killed six.

_____Iraq: political uncertainty persists as US troops withdraw.

_____Royal wedding: Prince William marries Kate Middleton.

_____Disclosures of vast surveillance of Muslim community by New York Police Department.

_____Surprise pre-Halloween snowstorm in Northeast; millions lose power.

_____Pakistan: Friend or foe? Discord over US attacks, Pakistan's ties to extremists.

_____Herman Cain suspends GOP presidential campaign after allegations of sex harassment, extramarital affair.

_____IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn accused of sexual assault by hotel maid.

_____Silvio Berlusconi resigns as Italy's prime minister amid scandals and crises.

_____Iran: Nuclear program, assassination plot raise tension with Iran to new heights.

_____Anthony Weiner resigns from Congress after sending sexually suggestive photo over Twitter.

_____Boston mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger captured after 16 years on the run.

_____Palestinians plot new paths to statehood as talks with Israel founder.

_____New York becomes largest state to legalize same-sex marriage.

_____Norway massacre: right-wing extremist kills 77 in bombing and shooting onslaught.

_____Burma's new government vows to phase out military rule; pro-democracy party rejoins politics.

_____Afghanistan: "Good War" turns bad, violence rises as US plans withdrawal.

_____U.S. econony sputters; jobless rate hovers near 9 percent.

_____India's anti-corruption protests attract massive public support.

_____Catholic leader in Philadelphia accused of transferring priests who abused more victims.

_____Somalia wracked by famine and warfare.

_____New Zealand earthquake kills 182, destroys much of downtown in city of Christchurch.

_____Occupy Wall Street protest movement spreads across US and abroad.

_____Earthquake in Turkey kills more than 600.

_____Mexico's Drug War grows more brutal: mass graves, gunfights spreading to once-peaceful areas.

_____South Sudan becomes independent; conflicts with Sudan continue.

_____Repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" enables gays to serve openly in US military.

_____Fugitive Bosnian Serb war-crimes suspect Ratko Mladic captured, faces genocide trial.

_____Russia: Vladimir Putin says he'll seek presidency again.

_____Alabama immigration law: Controversies arise after state enacts toughest-in-nation law.

_____Showdowns in Wisconsin, Ohio over GOP efforts to rein in public service unions.

_____Plane crashes into spectators at air races in Reno; 11 people killed.

_____Murder conviction of U.S. student Amanda Knox overturned by jurors in Italy.

_____Outbreak of listeria in cantaloupe blamed for the deaths of 29 people.

_____NASA retires the U.S. space shuttle fleet after three decades of flying.