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BC-10 Things to Know for Dec 27,2011,Advisory

1. Campaign buses' wheels go round and round
/ Source: The Associated Press

1. Campaign buses' wheels go round and round

Three GOP presidential contenders rev their engines for bus tours of Iowa, just a week before the caucuses. GOP CAMPAIGN

2. Syria pulls tank out of Homs ahead of observers' arrival

Arab League observers are on their way to the restive city today. SYRIA

3. U.S. economy looking up, but watch out for Europe

AP survey of leading economists shows growth will pick up in 2012, but the U.S. economy is vulnerable to Europe. AP ECONOMY SURVEY

4. Christmastime crime

Court hearing today for Indiana baby sitter charged with murdering a 9-year-old girl; Investigators piece together details of Texas family killed by relative dressed as Santa; California soldier paralyzed, critically wounded by gunfire at his homecoming party. INDIANA GIRL'S DEATH TEXAS SEVEN DEAD SOLDIER SHOT

5. India billionaires' blues

Some of India's nouveau rich say they can't find good investments in the country because of corruption and red tape. INDIA BILLIONAIRE BLUES

6. A primer to Kim Jong Il's funeral

Expect wailing, sobbing and a big military show at the Wednesday funeral, says AP Korea bureau chief Jean H. Lee. KIM JONG IL-THE FUNERAL

7. Facebook unwelcome in Vietnam, but Zuckerberg OK

The Facebook founder rides a buffalo on vacation in a country that blocks its citizens from using Facebook. PEOPLE ZUCKERBERG

8. Home sweet palace for Prince Philip

After four days in the hospital for heart problems, Queen Elizabeth's husband is discharged. BRITAIN-PRINCE PHILIP

9. Easy riding on Colombia's escalator commute

A 1,260-foot-long outdoor escalator has been installed in Medellin, shortening a 35-minute climb to the hillside favela to a 6-minute ride COLOMBIA-GIANT ESCALATOR

10. Brees passes Marino passing record

The Saints' Drew Brees breaks Dan Marino's record for yards passing in a season. FALCONS SAINTS