A Corona for a fallen soldier: Here's how one Tacoma bartender honored a patron

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/ Source: TODAY
By Rebekah Lowin

Ordering a beer may not seem particularly newsworthy. But one woman's reason for doing so, revealed recently at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Tacoma, Washington, just might change your mind.

She arrived at the restaurant July 9 and was greeted by server Brian Avey. When asked for her order, she said she'd like two beers: a Blue Moon and a Corona.

Avey explained politely that she'd only be able to order one at a time because of a state law. But the woman asked that he make an exception. According to a post on Avey's Facebook account, she then told him that the Corona was for her brother who died in Iraq.

“It just sat next [to] her at a[n] empty seat her entire lunch,” Avey wrote. "...After she left, I didn't have the heart to dump the beer out and throw it away."

Avey went ahead and told the woman that Buffalo Wild Wings would be taking care of her tab, and the woman expressed her gratitude on the bill.

“Thank you. An act of kindness goes a long way. It means a lot to me. Have a great rest of your day. — Greatful [sic] Soldiers."

With 100k likes and counting on Avey's Facebook post about the event, it looks like this is a story that's touching more hearts than just Avey's.

And his boss's heart is one of them.

As Avey explained, "After she left, I didn't have the heart to dump the beer out and throw it away."

Instead, he propped it up on a cooler next to an American flag.

"When I showed my boss his response was Amazing," wrote Avey. "He said, 'That's Fine, just do me a favor, put a fresh Lime in it Every Morning.'"