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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Rheana Murray

Well, at least he has good manners.

A young boy who got sick and threw up in a Portland, Oregon bookstore apparently felt so bad he decided to send a letter to apologize to the people who were left behind to clean it up.

“I don’t know their names but I thank them a lot and I’m sorry again for throwing up,” reads the sweet letter, which went viral after it was posted to Twitter, where it was picked up by outlets like Buzzfeed.

The boy signed the letter “Jack, aka the kid that puked right next to the bathroom.” He also enclosed a gift card for Ben & Jerry’s and the message, “hope you enjoy your ice cream.”

The staff at Powell’s Books, an independent bookstore, thinks the boy was probably around 13 years old and just got sick at the wrong time and in the wrong place. They got the adorable note last week, manager Michal Drannen confirmed to

“We were pleasantly surprised,” he said. “He addressed it to ‘Attention Barf Cleaners,’ which was highly comical.”

Drannen said the manager who had to the clean up the mess that day in late March was “taken aback” by the letter, which did not include the boy’s last name or a return address.

“It was completely unexpected," Drannen said. "She wasn’t thinking something like that would follow."