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Astronaut Jeff Williams captures breathtaking sunrise from space

U.S. astronaut Jeff Williams tweeted out a timelapse video of an amazing sunrise from the International Space Station.
/ Source: TODAY

Even astronauts who have seen it hundreds of times agree that watching the sunrise in space never stops being amazing.

The latest example is American astronaut Jeff Williams, who tweeted over the weekend a breathtaking glimpse of the view from the International Space Station from one of the 16 sunrises per day up there.

Williams, who has been an astronaut since 1996, is in the middle of his fourth space flight.

TODAY spoke with Williams and Commander Tim Kopra straight from the ISS last month, where they noted that seeing the sunrise is always a treat amidst their busy days.

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"It's very easy to get excited about that next photograph you can get,'' Kopra told TODAY from the ISS.

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Astronaut Scott Kelly also captured several stunning shots of the sunrise from the ISS near the end of his American-record 340 days in space.

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