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By Jennifer Angel

What will the newest royal heir be like? Jennifer Angel, resident astrologer and metaphysical writer for the New York’s Daily News, shares her thoughts about Prince William and Duchess Kate's baby boy, born Monday at London's St. Mary's hospital.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s newborn baby boy, a sensitive Cancer, is right on the cusp of dynamic Leo, which gives this child the zodiac skills of a leader who has a deep sense of caring. The new royal will have a very strong Cancer influence with Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in that sign. Prince William’s sun and moon are both in the sign of Cancer as is Duchess Kate's moon.

Eastern Zodiac chart with illustrations and inscriptions of signs in Singhalese. The royal baby, born Monday, July 22, 2013, has a Cancer sign.Bridgeman Art Library / Today

Their family’s strong Cancer theme carries echoes of William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, a Cancer whose sensitivity and privacy exemplify qualities of that sign. Cancer is the sign of motherhood; it’s fiercely protective, nurturing and emotionally sensitive. William’s young family will have a very tight bond, especially as Kate’s Capricorn sun sign is also strongly about family and very much about tradition.

His ascendant, a strong influence in the chart — the face he will show the world — is Scorpio, making his chart ruler the all-powerful and transformational planet Pluto. This gives him the ability to make hard decisions in life that lead to positive, permanent change and the skills to follow through with integrity and commitment. With his moon — a sensitive element in the chart — in the sign of controlled Capricorn, he will be able keep his emotions in check when facing the public. He'll keep a dignified presence, rather than a display of emotions.

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This child will truly be a monarch for the 21st century. The intense 90-degree-angle between Uranus and Pluto – which has been building in effect for several years, became exact in 2012 and is ongoing until 2015 – marks this royal child as a social reformer who will surely choose to use his power in very active and possibly even radical ways. In the baby’s horoscope, Jupiter and Mars play into this extremely potent aspect in such a way as to heighten the already revolutionary impetus triggered by these energies. In cardinal signs, this configuration spells "change now" and that is what we can expect from the potential reign of this child, who will likely be outspoken, bold and impatient to implement big ideas. Mercury, the planet of communication, is in the sign of Cancer in the chart, and his grandmother Princess Diana also had Mercury in Cancer, which was retrograde in her chart — as such, she was famously awkward in expressing herself until she found her voice as the "queen of hearts.

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Holding to tradition, a birth announcement was written on official Buckingham Palace letterhead and driven to the palace, where it was placed on the same easel used to announce Prince William’s birth 31 years ago. Today

More elements of Diana’s legacy can be seen in her grandchild’s powerful grand trine (astrologically favorable positioning of two celestial bodies) in the water element. In addition to a strong motivation toward social reform, he will have a highly developed sense of emotional awareness and spiritual attunement. Saturn in Scorpio can be very controlling, but also gives the desire to probe beneath the surface to get to the deepest truth. Neptune is in a very powerful placement in its natural sign of Pisces, bestowing both profound compassion and evolved spiritual sensibility. These planets are all trine Jupiter, exalted in Cancer, creating an easy flow of highly-developed emotional sensitivity.

The royal child will grow up to be a force to be reckoned with – a leader with terrific will, heart, courage and the desire to use his skills to help people. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will nurture a child who will undoubtedly grow up to make a significant difference in the world.

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