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Are you a commitment phobe?

Elina Furman, author of “Kiss and Run,” will be on the show this month to offer advice to single gals. E-mail us your story today!
/ Source: TODAY

Check out the seven types of commitment phobes, according to Furman. If you fit one of the descriptions, we want to hear from you! Submit your story below.

The Nitpicker
Motto: “Too tall! Too short!”Profile: We all know someone who fits this profile. Think Goldilocks in the big city. Each first date brings new gripes, new complaints, and new hang-ups to add to her ever-growing list. The more faults she finds with her dates, the more in control she feels since there’s never a chance that she will get to know someone well enough to form an emotional bond.

The Serial Dater
Motto: “I can do better”Profile: The serial dater is the type of woman who jumps from one short-lived relationship to the next. She is never without a boyfriend and has never actually spent time on her own. Think Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Winona Ryder. She craves companionship, but bolts at the first sign that something may be getting more serious.

The Tinker Bell
Motto: “It's not me, it's him”Profile: Much like the Disney character, who spent her entire fairy-tale existence pining away for Peter Pan, real-life Tinker Bells always get involved with emotionally unavailable men (married, players, or restless wanderers). Of course, no one can blame the Tinker Bell, which is exactly what she is counting on. By dating men who are completely unavailable in every possible way, the Tinker Bell ensures that she, too, never has to make a commitment.

The Free Spirit
Motto: “I gotta be free”Profile: Whether she’s painting up a storm, going on a road trip, or flitting from one party to the next, the Free Spirit is always on the move. Not surprisingly, the Free Spirit has difficulty laying down roots and finds it nearly impossible to commit to any one relationship.

The Damsel in Distress
Motto: “Poor little me”Profile: The Damsel in Distress is someone who has been hurt and has difficulty trusting. She usually avoids relationships and dating altogether, seeing it as nothing more than a recipe for heartbreak. She is so scared of opening up and getting hurt that she has stopped taking chances in love all together.

The Player
Motto: “So many men, so little time”Profile: The player is what many would label a “man eater.” She goes through one guy after another, always hungry for new sexual experiences. The player uses sex as a barrier to intimacy, and dismisses her dates before they’ve even had the chance to prove themselves in any other area.

The Long-Distance Runner
Motto: “If it ain't broke ...”Profile: This is the most complicated type of commitment phobe. Never one to be accused of flightiness or irresponsible behavior, she has usually been involved in a series of long relationships that have failed to go anywhere. She enjoys all the benefits that come with relationships — support, security, affection — but doesn’t like the icky commitment part of it.

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