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Are tennis balls yellow or green? Roger Federer enters the debate

Tennis great Roger Federer has given his verdict in the latest debate dividing the internet.
/ Source: TODAY

Is a tennis ball green or yellow?

Here we go again, as the great tennis ball debate has become the latest burning question dividing the internet, just like #TheDress, #MyBag, a pair of flip flops, a Nike outfit, a pair of sneakers, and on and on.

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The difference is that this time people have gone straight to the top to get an answer.

Tennis legend (and Savannah Guthrie's favorite player) Roger Federer weighed in after being asked by a fan about the color of tennis balls. He's hit enough of them past opponents that he should know, right?

Federer's response was all some needed to end the debate.

"If Roger says yellow, it is then yellow,'' Savannah said on TODAY, without a hint of bias.

However, even after one of the greatest tennis players of all time gave his verdict for team yellow, others still weren't so sure.

Then there are those who think that they are a little bit of both.

The answer may lie in the eye of the beholder. The way the light enters your eye, plus existing knowledge over what color people associate with tennis balls, plays into what color you see, an expert from the National Eye Institute told The Atlantic.

What do you think? Let us know in our poll, where team yellow has been the favorite so far among TODAY viewers.

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