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Anna Nicole Smith too scantily clad?

Producers of Live 8 are suing Trimspa, which uses Smith as a spokeswoman
/ Source: Reuters

Playboy model-turned-TV personality Anna Nicole Smith turned up drunk and too scantily clad to a Live 8 concert, damaging the reputation of the international charity benefit, a lawsuit filed against a company affiliated with the actress claims.

The suit was filed Thursday in Los Angeles federal court and alleges that Smith “damaged Live 8’s reputation and goodwill in the entertainment industry by her unbecoming and erratic behavior.”

Live 8 Productions LLC is suing Trimspa Inc., the diet pill maker that uses Smith as a spokesperson, alleging the company failed to deliver on its promise to pay $320,000 for four commercial spots during the broadcast.

Smith, known for her voluptuous figure, wore a shiny pink vest held together with a string at her bust, photos from the Philadelphia concert show. She appeared on TV as part of the deal between Trimspa and Live 8.

The concert was one of several held simultaneously in eight countries. The events’ aim was to urge world leaders to do more to aid the poor.

Trimspa said in a statement it “has and had no contact, negotiations or contract with Live 8 Productions,” adding that its involvement with the concert was through a contract with marketing firm Winnaman & Associates.

Trimspa, based in Whippany, New Jersey, added that the accusations surrounding Smith were “pure propaganda.” It vowed to “vigorously defend the allegations.”

Smith’s attorney, Howard Stern, told Reuters he was with the actress for the duration of the concert and denied she was intoxicated. He also said the event’s organizers had approved of her outfit after he asked if she should change.

“We were aware that it might be perceived as revealing ... I was told that she looked beautiful and not to change a thing,” Stern said in an e-mail, adding that Smith was being used as a “scapegoat” in Live 8’s dispute with Winnaman.

The lawsuit, which also names Goen Technologies, Trimspa’s holding company, and John Cowan, the company’s vice president of media promotion, as defendants, seeks more than $500,000 in damages.