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'American Sniper' widow writes heartfelt birthday tribute to Chris Kyle: 'I celebrate you'

Taya Kyle is at it again. And by 'it,' we mean making us all blurry-eyed with a heartfelt Facebook post.
/ Source: TODAY

Taya Kyle, widow of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, is at it again. And by 'it,' we mean making us all blurry-eyed with a heartfelt Facebook post, this time to honor her late husband's birthday.

"Today I am remembering birthday parties and the youthful fun you brought to our lives," Taya wrote on Chris' Facebook page. "You showed me it was possible to live a life that mattered and to be stupid and goofy and childlike at the same time. What a gift!"

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Chris was 38 when he and friend Chad Littlefield, 35, were shot and killed in 2013 at a Texas shooting range by former Marine Eddie Ray Routh, who was convicted of murder in February of 2015 and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Kyle, a decorated military veteran and a sniper who had more than 160 kills during four tours in Iraq, was played by Bradley Cooper in the Oscar-nominated film "American Sniper,'' which was based on Chris' best-selling autobiography of the same name.

In her post on Chris' birthday, Friday, Taya shared a few anecdotes from birthdays in the Kyle household: "Whether it was hog-tying a kid — our own or someone else's — lol, making faces, hitting a kids piñata ... so hard the pieces of candy tagged the cars thought to be parked safely out of harm's way… smashing cake in each other's faces and chasing each other at our kid's birthday party or anyone else's.

These are the ways you brought life to my serious heart."

Taya attached nine photos to the post, giving us a glimpse at the Kyle family in action — including the aforementioned cake-smashing incident.

She confessed to feeling "more pain than laughter" in the last few years, and expressed a wish to channel Chris' "zest for embracing the child within regardless of your age, regardless of your pain" and "to laugh simply because you are still alive and you can."

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To finish the post, Taya addressed her husband directly, thanking him for lessons he taught her both during his life and beyond.

"I celebrate you with an ache in my heart and a gratitude beyond all gratitude that God made someone as amazing as you and that I was allowed to love you at all," she wrote. "I love you and hope heaven is throwing one heck of a party for a life well-lived. You earned it!"

Pass the tissues — and the cake!