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Allure’s best of beauty

Nine products for eyes, hair, lips and skin to make you look good.
/ Source: TODAY

In it’s 8th annual issue the editors at Allure tried thousands of beauty products only to narrow it down to 164 of the best of the best in various categories like eyes, hair, lips and skin care. Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure, gives the best of the best.


Cover Girl Multiplying Mascara

Why it’s a winner: It’s nearly impossible to clump, and makes sparse lashes look full.

How it works: Cover Girl created a formula that, for the first time, sticks to lashes without sticking to itself, so every individual lash is enhanced. The formula contains fewer of the sticky polymers used in most mascaras, and more liquid crystal polymers (the same type found in high performance products like tennis rackets and bullet proof vests). It is a slicker, less gloppy application.

Cost: $5.50

Revlon ColorStay Always On Nail Enamel

Why it’s a winner: Unlike polishes that promise a week of chip-free color and last half that long, this formula looks freshly painted for 10 days. We tested the red and went about our business typing, washing dishes, digging for keys in our bags. The color not only remained chip-free for 12 days, but it also looked shiny.

How it works: Revlon researchers were inspired by the way car paint bonds to. Rather than the usual mixture of pigment with large amounts of nitrocellulose, a hardening ingredient that breaks down under heat and sunlight, this one relies on a flexible and crack-resistant acrylic polymer that bonds to the keratin of the nail (which is why you can’t use basecoat with this polish). The accompanying topcoat contains dimethicone copolyol to prevent the formation of microscopic cracks that make a manicure look dull over time.

Cost: $5.99

L’Oréal Colour Experte hair color

Why it’s a winner: It does what no previous home hair color has achieved- double-process dying. One solution lightens or darkens the base color in 25 minutes; the other highlights sections that you choose. Hair looks like it was professionally colored at the salon.

How it works: It took L’Oreal over a decade to calibrate the formula to prevent the highlighter from destroying the base color. To protect hair from the peroxide in the highlighter, cationic polymers in the base shade bond to each strand and remain there after the solution has been rinsed out. The highlights are applied afterwards using a beefed-up mascara wand, leaving hair with subtle highlights instead of the skunky stripes most other kits’ tools give. An instruction guide to applying highlights, with diagrams, is included.

Price: $21.95


L’Oréal Endless 8-Hour Comfortable Lipcolour

Why it’s a winner: Lasts up to eight hours without feeling dry on lips. A one-step process, just swipe on lipstick, as opposed to the other effective long-wearing lipsticks on the market, which have a second glossing step that must be repeated throughout the day.

We tested the lipstick by eating greasy stif-fry in our cafeteria, drinking endless cups or tea and coffee, licking our lips constantly, and trying to wipe the color off on a napkin after each. It didn’t budge.

How it works: Most long-wearing lipsticks get their stick from volatile silicones, ingredients that create a film over lips and the color applied. These silicones, while providing great stick power, are also prone to evaporation, taking with them moisture in the lips—leaving lips feeling dry and tight.

The new L’Oreal lipstick uses Isododecane, a volatile silicone which evaporates more slowly than traditional ones, leaving time for conditioners in the formula to penetrate lips. It also contains regular silicones and oils to enhance shine, so color doesn’t look dry and cakey, even after it’s been on lips for hours.

Cost: comes in 24 shades. $9.75 each. in drugstores and chainstores

(Our favorite shade: Fired Up, a deep red)

Prescriptives Dermapolish

Why it’s a winner: Gives skin the same kind of radiance, reduction in lines, and even tone achieved by in-office microdermabrasion treatments (which can cost $50 to $250 a session), with less irritation and redness. Especially good for those with broken capillarilies, which are easily aggravated by the intense crystal spray and vacuum suction of microdermabrasion.

How it works: It’s a three-step system. First, you scrub face with a buffer containing the same aluminum oxide crystals as are in microdermabrasion. Then, you mist skin with an aloe spray to soothe. Finally, you apply a layer of shea butter-based cream to seal in moisture and further soothe skin.

Cost: $125;

Thermasilk Moisture Infusing Shampoo and Conditioner

Why it’s a winner: Masks sun, chemical, and heat-stylist abuse by sealing a smooth coating over bedraggled cuticles, making hair look shiny and healthy, and feel soft instead of crackly. Hairstylists to our staff commented on how silky and shiny our ordinarily straw-like hair had become after using the products.

How it works: Contains heat-activated conditioners that, when heat from a blow-dryer or flat iron are applied, forms a shiny seal over strands, protecting the hair’s cuticle and inner cortex from the heat and providing a temporary gloss.

Cost: $3.87. in drugstores and chain stores


Chanel No 5

8 time winner, Readers’ Choice

Characterized as a “sparkling, modern blend of jasmine” also contains, rose, patchouli, and iris. (Called an aldehydic floral, meaning it contains floral scents that are soft, powdery, and synthetic.) Launched in 1921 and was initially shocking to women-not he traditional floral scent they were used to. Coco asked great perfumer Ernest Beaux to create fashion that reflected her very modern fashion philosophy.

Cost: $95 for .25 oz

Pantene Pro-V Conditioner

8 time winner, Readers’ Choice

The key ingredients are Panthenol and Panthenyl ethyl ether, the Pro-V’s in the name, that penetrate into the hair’s cortex to help moisturize and strengthen hair. Cetyl alcohol, a fatty alcohol, also moisturizes the hair shaft, cutting frizz. Also contains silicones that fill in gaps in the cuticle so hair looks smooth and shiny, and serve to also protect the cuticle from further lifting up and becoming damaged.

Cost: $3.99

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPf 15

4 time winner, Readers’ Choice/3 time Editors’ pick

Offers both corrective and preventative treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and sagging skin. Retinol (vitamin A in purest form) works to exfoliate and promote cell turnover, removing age spots and the appearance of fine lines. Pro-vitamin B5 causes skin to retain water, preventing the water loss that leads to dryness and an exaggeration of lines. Contains SPF15 (UVA/UVB) to protect skin from the sun, as retinal use makes skin more sensitive. Oil-free.

Cost: $12.99

Article courtesy of Allure magazine.