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Alec Baldwin quits Twitter again, wanted to murder TMZ founder

Updated Tuesday, 5:45 a.m.: Looks like Alec Baldwin still has a little Twitter life left in him and has moved over to @ABFalecbaldwin.

Original story: Just days after Alec Baldwin got hitched to Hilaria Thomas, a Vanity Fair article and the sudden disappearance of the actor's Twitter account (for the second time)  have fans scratching their heads.

Vanity Fair / Today
Alec Baldwin on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Baldwin has been an ardent Twitter user, interacting directly with fans on a regular basis. He even shared photos of his and Hilaria's wedding rings on Twitter on Sunday, according to the New York Post. But on Monday, Alec Baldwin sent out a final tweet: "It's been fun" and apparently deleted his account. (His wife has changed hers to @hilariabaldwin and is actively tweeting.) 

Twitter / Today

Hard to say if it's a fit of pique or if Baldwin just decided he has other things to focus on at the moment -- he already deleted his Twitter account once before, last December, while he was having a spat with American Airlines. Time (and probably Alec) will tell on this one.

Meanwhile, Baldwin appears on the cover of the new Vanity Fair, and it's clear that he hasn't toned down his anger issues over the paparazzi and gossip journalists in general. He referred to TMZ founder Harvey Levin, who posted the voice mail exchange he had with his daughter (calling her a "thoughtless little pig") in 2007, saying, "I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes."

He also referred to how he could have killed his ex-wife Kim Basinger's lawyer: "With a baseball bat."

That said, he does have the ability to reflect on his temper. "You have to let that go," he said in the interview. "Enough time -- I mean, it does heal wounds."

Maybe he should check with the paparazzi to see if they agree. 

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