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Alec Baldwin has another confrontation with photographer

INFphoto.com / Today
Alec Baldwin, left, grabs a photographer by the arm outside of his New York apartment Friday morning.

It's beginning to feel less like the Fourth of July and more like Groundhog Day; Alec Baldwin has had yet another confrontation with a paparazzo.

This one took place outside an apartment building in New York's West Village neighborhood Friday. As you can see in the video below, paparazzi were camped out in front of the building when one shooter in particular continued to badger not just Baldwin, but other residents about the actor's upcoming nuptials to fiancee Hilaria Thomas.

"I want you out of here, I want you out of here!" Baldwin said before squeezing the photographer's upper arm. "I want you to leave my neighbor alone ... you little girl." 

According to TMZ, the photographer had issues with residents of the building prior to the run-in with Baldwin. According to their source, "when one resident asked the photog to stop 'harassing everyone,' the photog told the person, 'f--- you.'"

Baldwin hasn't commented about this incident specifically, but he did tweet today, "'Reporters' are stalking outside my house, and following in their car. Only to harass and disturb. If only a meteor would hit that car ..."

Note: There is one expletive in the video: 

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