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Al Roker vs. the Iron Chef

The “Today” cooking master goes up against Masaharu Morimoto.
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It’s a rumble in the plaza between two culinary wizards on “Today” versus Iron Chef. The Food Network Show is a cross between Julia Child and World Wrestling Entertainment and has become a cult favorite since the Food Network imported the Japanese program in 1999. The show pits two chefs against each other in a “high steaks” culinary match to create the most elaborate dishes from a secret ingredient.

ON THE SHOW, chefs not only race against each other to complete their dish but the clock as well. So, in the spirit of the Iron Chef show, “Today” cooking master Al Roker goes up against Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto — who will appear on “The King of Iron Chefs tournament” on The Food Network.


The “Today vs Iron Chef” tournament is sending into kitchen stadium “Iron Chef Japanese” Masaharu Morimoto the undisputed leader in neo-Japanese cuisine — the man who refuses to cook by the book.

Formerly of New York’s Nobu, now with a self-titled restaurant in Philadelphia fans have come to expect the unexpected from Morimoto, but how will he amaze us today?

And, making his own ascent into kitchen stadium is “Today”chef BBQ Al Roker — the man with the best BBQ this side of the Hudson River.

He’ll get your temperature rising, since he was the first to fuse grilling with weather forecasting. And he’s darn near unbeatable when it comes to finger lickin’ foods. How will Al surprise us today? Click the play video button to watch the competition.


It’s been a real “thriller for the grillers” as both “Iron Chef Japanese” Morimoto and “Today Chef BBQ” Roker have been under the pressure-cooker of time. Click the play video button to see who Katie, Matt and Ann voted for.