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After major weight loss, update your makeup

Many people who have lost significant amounts of weight have a hard time feeling comfortable in their new, skinny bodies — and faces. Emmy Award-winning makeup expert Eve Pearl explains how to hide flaws and get the most out of your new facial structure.
/ Source: TODAY

What a fantastic feat it is to lose a significant amount of weight today. You’ve probably increased your life expectancy, decreased your chances of a life-threatening disease, doubled your energy and boosted your confidence. There couldn’t possibly be anything negative associated with that type of accomplishment, right? 

Well, many women and men would beg to differ. Many find it difficult to become comfortable in their new, skinny bodies. Lots of people don’t realize that weight loss introduces a new set of skin — literally. Five-time Emmy Award-winning makeup expert Eve Pearl explains how to get the most out of your new facial structure and hide what could be considered flaws.

Mask drooping skinAfter significant weight loss, many people notice that they now have excess skin on their bodies. Typically, this is a result of fat loss, and it causes a drooping of the skin both on the body and on the face. So, while we are ecstatic to have less fat on our bodies, we can now see the hollows and lines around our eyes and lips that were not apparent when they were filled out with fat. This is also the reason so many women are getting fat injections and face-lifts these days.

While adding fat and lifting can certainly have a smoothing effect on the face, there are makeup tricks of the trade that will not only be your safest option, but will help you look your absolute best while concealing your new “lines of wisdom.”

Start out by applying a creamy two-toned foundation and salmon concealer. A cream base will help to give a fresh and dewy look, eliminating any dryness that may have occurred as a result of losing fat. A cream-based dual foundation will allow you to contour the face where needed, and the salmon concealer will de-emphasize any hollows under the eyes and get rid of dark under-eye circles by neutralizing the blue/purple undertones in the thinnest parts of your skin.  Blending the creams with a wet sponge will allow for the smoothest application. 

Next, soften your cheeks using a cream blush. The cream blush will not get into your lines as much as powder will. However, you may still apply a powder blush over all of the creams. Take the powder blush all the way up under the eyes, giving the appearance of a filler. Also use it under the jaw line. (HD Dual Foundation, $54; Salmon Concealer® and Treatment, $35; HD Foundation Cream Blush, $22; Blush Trio, $36, )

Highlight your eyes, lipsMost important, do not neglect to bring out your eyes and lips. For deep-set eyes, use warm tones like peach and pink (almost like your blush colors). Also, don’t be afraid to use greens and blues to bring out your eyes. And try some lashes for special occasions. 

To achieve fuller lips, try filling them in with a liner and then adding your favorite lip color. Remember that gloss will help them appear more plump, luscious and youthful. To prevent lipstick feathering, apply powder around the edges of your lips. It will act like a border and keep your color from moving. (Eye Pallet, $40; Eyelashes, $6; Kohl Lip Pencil, $18; Kisses of Pearl Lip Gloss Combo, $28, )

All in all, your weight loss is awesome! Learning how to achieve the best possible look in your new skin is a very easy obstacle to overcome considering all of your hard work thus far. One last tip: Use an anti-aging tinted moisturizer when you’re not wearing any makeup. It will give you a natural healthy glow and protect your skin from sun damage. Love the skin you’re in, ’cause you’ll be in it for a lot longer now that you’re that much healthier!

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