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93-year-old man eats lunch next to a picture of his late wife every day

Clarence Purvis sits beside a picture of his wife of 64 years during his daily meals at a local diner.
/ Source: TODAY

A 93-year-old Georgia man is showing that true love never dies.

Four years ago, Clarence Purvis lost his wife of 64 years, Carolyn. But his affection for her remains on display for everyone in town to see at a daily lunch date he never misses.

Purvis takes a picture of his late wife and sets it up at the table with him during meals at Smith's Restaurant in Reidsville, where he often ate with Carolyn.

"Ain't nobody loved one another more than me and my wife loved one another,'' Purvis told local news station WTOC. "I wanted what she wanted and she wanted what I wanted."

Carolyn died at 81 in 2013 after living her entire life in Glennsville, where she met Clarence as a teenager in 1948.

She and Clarence were co-owners of Purvis Garage, and she was a mother of three, a grandmother of six and a great-grandmother of two, according to her obituary.

"Eat lunch, come back, watch television, go to bed, love one another. What more you want?" Purvis said. "We had everything we wanted."

Customers at Smith's have taken notice of Purvis' continued affection.

"I asked my husband, I said, 'You know if something happened to me, will you put my picture on the table?''' restaurant owner Joyce James told WTOC. "He said, 'I don't think so dear.' He said, 'I love you but, that might be a little much.'''

He is so dedicated to Carolyn's memory that he drives to her grave at Glennville Cemetery four times a day and has kept Carolyn's favorite lamp in their living room on at all times since she went into the hospital five months before her death.

"I love her that much,'' he said. "And miss her that much. And think she would with me."

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