'90210' hottie could play Ken in Barbie movie

If there's anyone who should play Ken in the upcoming live-action Barbie movie, it has to be Trevor Donovan.

Seriously, the "90210" hottie is a walking Ken doll.

Well, guess what?

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I hear Mr. Donovan has met with producers and is now in the running for the role of Barbie's beau. Mattel marked Barbie's 50th anniversary two years ago by announcing that the company had teamed up with "Dreamgirls" producer Laurence Mark to develop a live-action flick based on the iconic doll.

Barbie has had many Hollywood incarnations since she debuted in 1959, most recently voiced by veteran voice actress Jodi Benson in "Toy Story 3." Ken was voiced by Michael Keaton.

What the plotline of the Barbie movie will entail is anybody's guess right now. The filmmakers certainly have a lot to draw from.

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A romantic comedy comes to mind, especially after Mattel announced in 2004 that the couple had split up after being together for 43 years. But two years later, they got back together after Ken had a makeover that included board shorts and a white T-shirt.

Yes, I realize I'm talking about a pair of dolls.