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8-year-old gets birthday wish to have her party at Target

If you had plans for your next birthday party, you might want to change them!
Brayden Lawrence and her friends took over a Target store in Atlanta for a day of scavenger hunts and shopping.
Brayden Lawrence and her friends took over a Target store in Atlanta for a day of scavenger hunts and shopping.Rikki Jackson
/ Source: Today

What is the best way to celebrate a birthday? For 8-year-old Brayden Lawrence, the ultimate celebration was held at none other than Target.

The birthday girl headed to her local store with some friends for a day of fun and, naturally, shopping. Donned head to toe in the classic Target uniform — right down to the nametag — the girls had the store as their playground for the day.

Brayden’s aunt, Rikki Jackson, shared snapshots of the special celebration on Twitter along with their itinerary for the afternoon.

“She’s obsessed with Target,” Jackson told TODAY. “Literally will ask to go to Target just to walk up and down the aisles. She asked for a Target party, and my sister was like, ‘OMG, how do we make this happen?’”

Brayden’s mom pulled through, reaching out to the Camp Creek Target in Atlanta and speaking with the manager, Albert, about arranging a Target-themed celebration. This was a first for this branch, but the employees were excited about the challenge!

“We bought uniforms for the kids and (the) manager, Albert, made them name tags,” Jackson said. “They had a scavenger hunt where they had to find items throughout the store and then return them to their places afterwards.”

What Target trip could be complete without shopping around a little bit, too?

“We bought all the kids gift cards so that they could get an item of their choice and my niece Brayden checked them out,” Jackson explained.

After Brayden and her friends were done with their activities for the afternoon, the birthday celebration ended with Icees, hot dogs, popcorn and an enormous Target-themed cake to fully celebrate turning 8!

Happy birthday, Brayden!