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8 things we learned about Carson Daly from his USA WEEKEND cover

Between TV, radio, family and service projects, it's no secret that Carson Daly is a man who finds a way to make an impact in any way he can.

Carson's ability to juggle it all while still finding time to give back caught the attention of USA WEEKEND magazine, which is featuring the TODAY anchor in a cover story in this Sunday's issue.

From getting his start as an intern for Jimmy Kimmel, to once playing golf with Tiger Woods, here's what we learned about Carson from his USA WEEKEND cover story.

Family always comes first, and Carson thanks fiance Siri Pinter for helping him find a balance.

"She keeps my life going. To me, family is always first. Nothing else matters. Once I know Siri and the kids (Jackson, 5, Etta Jones, 2, and London Rose, born Aug. 20) are OK, I am fine. We are so lucky our moms are always there to help, too."

Carson learned the importance of family from his mother Pattie Daly Caruso.

"Two things we always did as a family," Pattie Daly Caruso said of Carson's childhood in Southern California, "was having dinner together every night and going to church every Sunday."

Carson's media career began as an intern for Jimmy Kimmel

As a teenager, Carson interned for Jimmy Kimmel at KROQ-FM radio in Los Angeles.

Carson isn't overwhelmed by his abundance of gigs.


Between TODAY, "The Voice," his daily radio show and "Last Call With Carson Daly," it would be easy to assume Carson's professional demands could become overwhelming, but he says that's far from the case: "I'm not digging ditches," Carson said. "It is all in how you define work. I'm blessed. In the last week, I have been in four hotels, flown cross-country, taped 14 hours of prime time and attended the Emmy Awards."

Carson wanted to be a professional golfer.

"I wasn't that good in school; I wanted to be a professional golfer until I was 18," Carson said. He even played in a junior tournament with Tiger Woods at one point.

Carson hopes to still be at TODAY 10 years from now.

"In 10 years, I hope I will still be at TODAY," he says. "The Orange Room represents a huge journey through this new technology, and I get to be the tour guide!"

Carson has been volunteering since he was a kid.

"Even when he was little, he and his sister would keep only seven pieces of their Halloween candy and take the rest to the kids at St. John's Hospital who were too sick to trick-or-treat," Caruso said.

Carson's volunteer work isn't about building his brand. It's about the need to give back.

"The giving is the important thing," Carson told USA WEEKEND. "This is not about building my brand. But I am happy to shine a light on the need to give back."

To give back, Carson has become involved with TODAY's Shine a Light campaign, where each of the anchors support worthy causes throughout the year. Carson joined up with Brooklyn elementary schools to fight childhood hunger and teach students about the importance of eating healthy. For more info on TODAY's Shine A Light initiative and to see what projects the other anchors are working on, head here.