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7 hospitalized, including 5 kids, after massive tree branch falls at San Antonio Zoo

The giant tree branch crashed down on zoo-goers at around noon on Wednesday.
/ Source: TODAY

Five children were among seven people injured after a large tree branch "unexpectedly broke and fell" at the San Antonio Zoo on Wednesday, March 15, officials said.

The branch fell around 12:05 p.m., critically injuring one child and sending six other people to the hospital, according to zoo and hospital officials.

Chris Ryan told TODAY he was visiting the zoo with his wife and two daughters when the branch broke off.

"It was very chaotic," Ryan said, adding he heard a lot of screaming and people crying. "There were a lot of people in pain."

Jordyn Rodriguez, a child whose age wasn't yet clear, and her family were among the victims, according to a GoFundMe posted by a family friend.

"They are all banged up and bruised but Little Jordyn is hurt the worst," the GoFundMe reads. "We don’t know how long the family will be out of work and what medical treatment they will need! We need to pray for Jordyn."

Shelley Kofler, senior public relations manager at University Health Hospital, said in a statement to NBC News one child was in critical condition, and four children and two adults were in stable condition in the hospital following the incident.

Ryan said he rushed toward the branch to help the people underneath after it fell within feet of his family.

"I went in to help and joined a group of people that were assisting this lady get up, get underneath the branch and get on her feet," Ryan said. "As we’re doing that she was yelling about her baby."

Ryan added he was in "disbelief of how a big tree could cause so much damage so quickly."

Tim Morrow, president and CEO of San Antonio Zoo, said in a statement to NBC News the zoo is working to investigate the cause of the breakage to "prevent this unusual event from happening again."