4 things you must do if your car gets stuck on train tracks

/ Source: TODAY

The latest tragic collision between a train and a vehicle that killed six people just outside New York City on Tuesday night has magnified the dangers of automobiles at train crossings.

The crash in Valhalla, N.Y., follows on the heels of ones in Houston, Orlando, and Glendale, California, in the past nine months. More than 230 people have been killed in 2,100 collisions with trains nationwide in the past year, according to the Federal Railroad Administration.

TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen spoke to experts about what to do if your car gets stuck on the tracks in front of an oncoming train.

  1. Be aware that trains can't stop quickly in time to prevent a collision.
  2. Leave your possessions in the car.
  3. Get everyone out of the car and immediately off the tracks.
  4. Run toward the direction of the oncoming train and off to the side in order to avoid any potential flying debris from the collision.

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