1982 video shows royal baby fever is nothing new 

By Eun Kyung Kim

For those awaiting the arrival of the newest heir to the British throne, a flashback to the day the baby’s father was born 31 years ago may give the public a preview of what to expect moments after the child’s delivery.

In a video that aired June 22, 1982 on TODAY, a weary but affable Prince Charles emerged from London’s St. Mary’s Hospital to a cheering crowd of baby watchers who had been chanting, “We want Charlie! We want Charlie!”

The prince appeared calm and amenable despite being immediately swallowed up by a horde of reporters, cameraman and random well wishers, including one who congratulated him with a peck on the cheek that left behind a smear of lipstick.

“I’m honestly relieved and delighted. It’s marvelous,” he said when asked how he felt. “It’s rather a grown up thing, I’ve found. It’s rather a shock to my system.”

He reported that the new, as of then-unnamed prince was in “a marvelous form,” with “fair, sort of blondish” hair color that he expected would change down the road.

Told that some in the crowd had been singing, “Well done, Charlie, let’s have another one,” the prince chuckled.

“Give us a chance,” he said, joking that he would ask his wife, Princess Diana, but doubted “she’d be too pleased yet.

The prince then walked into the crowd and greeted his well-wishers.

Thirty-one years later, Prince William is expected to return to the hospital where he was born when he and his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, deliver their own child. The baby will be third in line to the throne, after his father and grandfather.