15 of the cutest holiday-themed pregnancy announcements

Courtesy of Carissa Grazel Beale

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By A. Pawlowski

"Joy to the World" takes on quite a new meaning when couples find out they're expecting.

The only thing left to do is share the big news with family and friends with a little help from Santa, the Elf on the Shelf, unusual ornaments and other creative yuletide props.

We asked you to submit your holiday-themed pregnancy announcements on the TODAY Parents Facebook page and we received dozens of cute photos to choose from.

Here are 15 of our favorites:

1. Santa gets a surprise!

"Announced our first child one week ago with the man of the season saying, 'Santa's not the only one coming to town...Baby B arriving June 2015,'" Carissa Grazel Bealert writes.Today

2. Big brother is not sure how he feels about this...

"This is the photo we sent out on our Christmas card this year! My mom is the only one who knows the gender and has presents wrapped for our son to open on Christmas morning that will reveal the gender," Amy Kielblock Wemhoff writes.Today

3. This family looks fun; I'd come to their Christmas party!


4. Precious moments, indeed.

"We announced the happy news with a picture of our new Christmas ornament! Baby number two is due next summer," Kathryn Singer writes.Today

5. Those little baby booties!


6. All you need is one prop and some great facial expressions for this one!


7. The dog is thinking: There better be a treat for me behind that camera.

"(It) took a little convincing to get my husband to wear those socks," Abby Ray Jordan writes.Today

8. Don't worry, Santa's good for it.


9. Who can resist those sweet pigtails?!


10. Baby's first Christmas card.


11. Mistletoes! See what they did there?

McKenzie Burns says her first child is due July 2015.Today

12. How could Santa say no to that adorable face?

"She was such a good girl this year! I guess a sister is easier than a pony!" Ashley Hundley writes.Today

13. The old "heart on the belly" photo gets an awesome candy-cane twist.

"We did not tell our friends or extended family about our pregnancy and instead surprised them in a Christmas card! Everyone loved it and were so excited for us," Lynsey Evans writes.Today

14. Oh my! Love the four pregnancy tests — gotta make sure!

"After a week without moving, we figured out why our elf was stuck in one place. He was in shock that mama was prego!" Victoria Lear Howsare writes.Today

15. Rockin' in the New Year with some classic Britney... and a new sibling!


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