12 Days of Christmas TRX Suspension Trainer deal is over


Coupon codes from the TRX Suspension Trainer 12 Days of Christmas segment have expired. Sorry about that. Keep watching TODAY throughout December for the next airing. As of now, it'll be Dec. 19.

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Watch Elizabeth Mayhew present the deal here:

Here are the companies’ websites, contact information and a delivery time frames that they provided TODAY:



TRX Suspension Trainer

Email address:
Phone number: 1-888-878-5348
Estimated delivery:  Within two weeks

Have a question about the product? Contact or call 1-888-878-5348.


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If you have any specific questions about the details, the products’ websites or inventory, please check with the retailers making the offers. You can find their contact information on the sites — this is your best bet.

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