'Golden Bolt': 105-year-old Japanese man sets record as oldest competitive sprinter

/ Source: TODAY

There's no stopping Hidekichi Miyazaki, who set a new Guinness world record in track and field.

After running the 100-meter sprint at the Kyoto Masters Athletics Autumn Competition in Kyoto, Japan, in just 42.22 seconds, the 105-year-old became the world’s oldest competitive sprinter.

The race was held on September 23, just one day after Miyazaki’s birthday.

"I wanted to shave off a few more seconds, as I got 36 seconds while training," Miyazaki told NBC News after receiving his score.

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He didn't start running until he was 93 and says his secret to success is daily exercise, eating in moderation and chewing your food properly.

"The doctors are all surprised. It's all about being in good health," Miyazaki said.

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The centenarian track star trains every day at a local park by sprinting the 100-meter dash and throwing shot put three times.

He earned the nickname "Golden Bolt" in 2004 when, at 96, he competed in his first 100-meter race.

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He imitated the famous pose of Olympic runner Usain Bolt, who holds the record in the event at 9.58 seconds.

Miyazaki hopes to challenge the Jamaican superstar one day, but his current goal is to complete the 100-meter in 35 to 36 seconds.

He used to work at an agricultural company and enjoyed playing chess with friends, but as they started to die, he sought a hobby he could do independently.

He took up running — and the rest is history.