101-year-old Ethel Weiss forges sweet bond with generations of candy lovers

/ Source: TODAY

A lot has changed in the world since 101-year-old Ethel Weiss and her husband opened up Irving's Toy & Card Shop in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1939.

Courtesy of Irving's Toy & Card Shop's Facebook

The toy and candy shop was named after her late husband Irving, who passed away in 1960, and has become the place to go to see a friendly face, get some treats and brush up on your math skills.

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"I love seeing my old customers come in all grown up with their children and grandchildren," Weiss told TODAY.com.

Courtesy of Irving's Toy & Card Shop

She used to turn children's transactions into a lesson on math, but since she's gotten older, the kids now help her. Not only do they make sure she gives back the right amount in change, but they also help her get through the day just by showing their smiling faces.

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Weiss even has the kids read her list of tips called "Thoughts for a Happier Life," which includes showing appreciation, doing the best you can and being a good role model.

Elementary school students stop into her store every day after school, while older students and other members of the community come by to check up on her regularly — and get some candy while they're at it. They even threw her a bash last year for her 100th birthday.

Courtesy of Irving's Toy & Card Shop's Facebook
Courtesy of Irving's Toy & Card Shop's Facebook

"Some of the kids consider me a friend," Weiss said. "I have all my regular customers' names written down so I don't forget them!"

She doesn't plan on retiring any time soon and credits her love of children for the reason she's stuck with it for so long.

"I look forward to seeing the kids every day," Weiss said.