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A Cumberland, Rhode Island couple caps off a marathon by exchanging vows and getting married on the beach. The happy, though sore, bride and groom handed out water bottles as wedding favors.
/ Source: WJAR-TV

It was a photo finish at the Amica Newport Marathon on Sunday for a Cumberland couple. The photos are part of a wedding album. Geralyn and Larry Ducady ran down a 26.2-mile aisle, side by side, and got married on the beach. The bride wore white -- with veil and garter -- and the groom sported a tuxedo T-shirt. One day and several kisses later, the couple is very happy and a little sore.

"It was actually my idea," Geralyn said.

Her idea was only natural for a nontraditional couple whose 2-and-a-half-year relationship involves a lot of fun and several runs.

"I think that this is very fitting for us. I think it's great that our relationship kept growing and growing through running together," Larry said Monday.

Even before their emotional vows on the beach, the couple was tested at the 15-mile mark.

"I got cramped up pretty bad at 15 miles. You know, 'til death do you part and 'til legs cramps do you part, as well. She stayed with me," Larry said.

The couple raised money for leukemia through donations and wedding gifts, a cause close to their hearts.

Together, they're heading to the finish line of one race, only to begin an incredible adventure.

The couple handed out water bottles for wedding favors.

They are home resting and plan to take their honeymoon this winter.

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