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Do you want only the finest flavors for your sweet tooth?  “Real Simple” lists the greatest varieties.
/ Source: TODAY

Light, juicy, and not too sweet, sorbet is a grown-up alternative to ice cream — and lower in fat, too. Of 57 varieties tasted, “Real Simple” magazine decided these six were loaded with just-picked flavor:Best Coconut Sorbet: Ciao Bella

While other coconut sorbets evoked suntan lotion, this one was deemed “fresh, not cloying,” thanks to the rich coconut milk and generous flakes. “Deliciously refreshing,” a tester said. To buy: $5 for a pint.

Best Lemon Sorbet: Sharon’s Sorbet

“Tastes like fresh-squeezed lemonade!” one tester exclaimed. “Perfect for a summer day.” Its sweetness was tempered by the right amount of tang. The soft yellow color was another plus.To buy: $3.60 for a pintBlood Orange Sorbet: Ciao Bella

A tester new to blood oranges pronounced the flavor “more citrusy than a regular orange.” “My tongue did a little dance,” said a panelist. Another noted the “good balance of sweet and sour.”To buy: $5 for a pint.Best Mango Sorbet: Double Rainbow

Testers found the “gorgeous creamy texture” and the “killer flavor” of this mango-tangerine blend “very satisfying.” “You can really taste both fruits,” said one.To buy: $3.50 for a pint.

Best Raspberry Sorbet: Ciao Bella

Praised for its “intense, concentrated flavor,” this sorbet was found to be “just tart enough” and “velvety soft.” One tester said that it was “like eating whole raspberries.”To buy: $5 for a pint.

Best Strawberry Sorbet: Häagen-Dazs

Many testers commented on the “nice chunks of fruit” and the “true strawberry flavor.” Others liked the light consistency, which one judged “not too thick or creamy.”To buy: $3.60 for a pint.

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