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YouTube stars Mota, Hank Green and Glozell prepare to interview Obama

president interview youtube

A few of YouTube's brightest stars are getting the opportunity to pose questions, suggested by their followers, to President Obama — a new twist on a new tradition, started in 2010, in which the president answers questions in a YouTube broadcast. The crafty Bethany Mota, instructive Hank Green and hilarious GloZell will enter the Oval Office next Thursday, Jan. 22 -- two days after Obama delivers the State of the Union address -- for a live chat with the commander in chief.

With a combined 15 million or so followers, these online personalities have had no trouble collecting ideas for interview questions. In a video, they run down a few possibilities: education, immigration, net neutrality, jobs for recent graduates, racial profiling ("That's a good one!" adds GloZell), and the economy to start.

The agenda isn't set in stone yet, though: surveys and trends will be harvested from Google for discussion, and you can contribute by tweeting with the #YouTubeAsksObama hashtag, highlighting good questions or contributing your own. The previous broadcasts have lasted about 40 minutes, though, so there's only room for a couple dozen topics.

Be sure to tune in for Obama's SOTU address on Tuesday, then keep an eye on the White House YouTube channel for the interview on the 22nd.