YouTube fight mom sentenced to parenting class

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A Florida mom who rode to YouTube glory egging on her 16-year-old daughter in a nasty fight with a classmate must attend a one-day parenting class for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Originally charged with child abuse when she was arrested last September, April Newcomb, 39, pleaded no contest to the lesser count, reports The Smoking Gun.

A smart move on Newcomb's part, considering that multiple YouTube videos bear witness to Newcomb among her daughter's entourage as they arrive at the agreed-upon battlefield — a vacant field near Palmetto High School in Manatee County. Mom is later seen serving as her daughter's "cornerman," shouting mid-fight motherly advice such as, "Don’t f---ing stop!" and "Punch her in the f---ing body!"

Newcomb originally told police she arrived after the fight started, showing up to make sure no one got hurt and adding that she was concerned about a skull fracture her daughter suffered two years before. (Neither of the teenagers were hurt in the fight).

"Of course, we’re both wrong and I understand that, and I understand where y’all are coming from," Newcomb told police who arrived and arrested her soon after the fight ended. "I think unfortunately it was going to happen, no matter what."

When asked by the cops, as well as the opponent's horrified mother (who showed up at the end of the action), why she didn't try and stop the fight, Newcomb couldn't say. Why Newcomb thought she could claim quasi-innocence to Internet-savvy cops even though she was surrounded by a battalion of cellphone-filming teenagers, is also unknown.

Now Newcomb will pay the ultimate price — 75 hours of community service and one whole day of parenting classes.

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